Sell Themes

Buy and Sell Modules

Selling your Themes on Orchard Market
Selling your Themes on Orchard Market can be profitable for Designers to expand their market. Before you will be able to receive revenues from your sales you are required to setup or join an Organization.
When you have created your own Organization or joined an existing one you can start publishing and generate revenues.

Quality Assurance for our Customers
All uploaded files are checked and tested manually by Orchard Market.
Untill approved by our staff your package will hold a pending status to ensure the best Quality for our Clients.

Customer Care and Support
For all the services we offer to our visitors we request Developers to specify the type of support they will deliver for the product they have published.
To ensure a good customer relation one of the three types of support is required when publishing your Theme.

  • Support only by tickets trough Orchard Market
  • Direct Support by E-mail or Phone
  • Direct Support and ADHOC development time 

Including Documentation with your Package
For all our services that we offer to our visitors we request Developers to provide accompanied documentation.
Upon each new version release new documentation is required. Each new version release is checked by the Orchard Market Staff.
Untill approved the documentation will hold a pending status.


Setup an Organization
Before you can sell Themes and receive revenues on Orchard Market it's required to setup an Organization.
With the Organization established you are able to receive commissions from your sales, deliver support and accept new team members.
It's really easy to setup an Organization. After you have created your account you will be asked before uploading your package to setup an Organization.

Participate in an existing Organization
If you don't want hassle of setting up an organization you can join an existing one. In this case you will have an easy setup and you can start publishing immediately.
Depending on the settings of the Organization holder you will receive commissions.